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Snuffle mats are a training tool, enrichment product, slow feeder, self settling tool and are a product all dog owners should own. It was discovered long ago that many dogs prefer to work or play for their food. Snuffle mats encourage your dog to use sniffing and foraging behaviours which stimulates the pleasure centres in their brain.

Here at Dog Manners we make custom made snuffle mats to suit anything from your favourite colours, home decor or even favourite sports team!

Your snuffle mat can be used for a variety of purposes including but not limited to:

- Helping your dog settle at a park or child's sports game

- Training your dog to relax and settle at a cafe or restaurant

- Settling in the home in general or when visitors come over

- Crate training

- Enrichment Activity

- Enrichment in the car or car training

- Calming "zoomies" or "zooming hour"

- General puppy training

- Calming behaviours

- Assisting in Anxiety management

- Encourage slow eating habits to avoid risk of bloat 

Available in small - 31cm x 31cm, large - 48cm x 48cm or custom design. We post Australia wide!

Simply contact us today to place your order! 


Colours may vary slightly due to material availability

Machine washable on gentle

No Returns 


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