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At Dog Manners Sydney, we offer a variety of Progressive Classes to meet the needs of every dog and owner. Our classes cover everything from basic obedience to advanced training, and we make sure to include plenty of fun and games along the way. Our goal is to help strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend, while also making training an enjoyable


Age: 16 Weeks +

Duration: 5 weeks per program

Location: Caringbah

Note: You must complete the prior class in order to progress to the next level

  • Primary Pooches: Basics from Sit, drop, 90 degree turns to recall, loose lead basics, impulse control & much more!

  • High school hounds: From  sit for greeting  - people, side to find it, leave it walk away 10 paces, sit pretty & much more!

  • Canine College: From, drop from a distance, off lead walking, middle to  recall with distractions, leave it – leave the room,  rebound – aka parkour and much more!

Dog Training
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