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Dog Manners Sydney Puppy Preschool Graduate
Puppy Preschool

We offer a fun filled class for all the family to enjoy!

Our Puppy preschool is suited for pups aged 8-16 weeks which is your pups critical period of socialisation.  The classes run for 4 consecutive weeks.


We cover a variety of behaviours including but not limited to:

- Toilet Training

- Jumping

- Biting

- Teething

- Body Language and expressive behaviours

- Sit

- Drop

- Stay

- Recall

- Loose lead Walking

- Leave it

- Socialisation

- Tricks and More

Classes are held on variable days in the Como and Heathcote area.

Adolescent & Adult Dog Manners Classes

Our Adolescent & Adult Classes are great fun. Whether you want your dog to progress to the next level of obedience or just want to learn some extra skills, this class caters for all! We try to add some customisation into our classes to cater for differing problems and also differing personalities of each dog attending the class, after all they all have a right to be unique :).

The basic curriculum includes but is not limited to:

- Jumping
- Barking
- Loose Lead Walking
- Off lead Recall
- Leave it

- Greeting Manners

- Off Lead Stay

- Settling in and out of the home

- Focus Exercises

- Enrichment

- Tricks & More!

Classes are small to ensure that each individual gets the attention they need. 

They are held in the Menai area on Saturdays & occasional Sundays. Bookings are essential.

Dog Manners Sydney Adolescent Class
Dog Manners Sydney Private Consultation
Private Consultations

Our in home private consultations are suited for all ages! A dog is never too old to learn new tricks :). Sometimes your dogs behaviours are not covered by classes, sometime's class times may not suit your schedule or your dog may not be ready yet to integrate into a class or you may simply prefer the more personal touch. Whatever the reason, dog manners is here to help!

We are happy to travel to variable locations including out of area for an extra fee. Digital consultations are also available.

Child Based Consultations


Does your child want to be more involved with your dog? Do you struggle getting your kids to treat your dog right?

If you are like me, your kids listen to everyone else more. Thats where we come in!

Our child based consultations are held in your own home - caution this may include art and craft where required. We aim to create a balance between your dogs needs and your child's. We work with you and your family to help your household run as smoothly as possible.

We are happy to travel to variable locations including out of area for an extra fee.

the results after one child consult with this clever boy!
Adventure walk with Dog Manners Sydney
Dog Walking

We understand that there are days where work has been hard or there is just too much to do. This is where we can help.

Dog Manners Sydney come to your home and pick your pooch up for an adventure to help break up their day or simply save you a bit of time. We operate privately rather than group walking to ensure your dog gets all the cuddles, love and treats that they may need.

Our Dog Walking services are exclusive to the Sutherland Shire area.

Hydro Canine


Did you know that not all dogs know how to swim? 

Do you want to take your dog out in to the ocean or on a paddle board? Or maybe your own family pool.

Although it may seem that your dog is swimming, if it is only using its front legs or not rotating its legs equally your dog may simply be trying not to drown.

We are certified canine swim school trainers and can help build your dogs confidence in the water.

We are happy to travel to variable locations including out of area for an extra fee.

Trainer Bec teaching Theo the Airedale to swim
Ruby the therapy dog in Training with Dog Manners Sydney
Therapy Dog Training

Do you suffer from a disability whether it be physical or mental?

Dog Manners Sydney work closely with Mind Dog and help you train your own dog to become an accredited Therapy Dog. We are here to work with you every step of the way.

Our programs are customised to suit your needs.

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